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We celebrate music

We’re a music agency in Bucharest, nice to meet you! Our work is connected to some of the biggest names of the Romanian alternative scene, as well as some of its most promising up-and-coming artists. For more than 8 years we’ve been doing our part in promoting their stories and achievements through our PR and communication campaigns. Currently we’re also co-organizers of Mastering the Music Business, Romania’s leading music business conference, and we’re slowly developing our international outreach.

We build experiences

We’re the route planners, the guys with the schedule, the bookkeepers. We live in the backstage, at the merch stand or at the entrance, scanning tickets and wishing you a pleasant evening. We arrive first, way before the soundcheck, and we leave last, after all the gear is loaded back up. Sometimes we even build the whole stage – who knows, our lives are unpredictable like that. We coordinate with all the unsung heroes in the backstage just so that people can come in and witness something truly breathtaking.

We connect people

This is the essence of our job, every day, and we love it. We empower our artists to create, we help them shape, produce and communicate their art, and we help the audience experience it in the best ways possible. We created rehearsal rooms in our office space so we can bring together artists, crews and management teams – it was the best idea ever. And we’re constantly connecting dots and looking for opportunities that might help our artists and their ambitious projects achieve their full potential for success.

Meet the team

Codruț Dumitrescu

Management & booking

Ilinca Ghișoiu

Booking, financial

Iulia Pop

PR, project development

Dorina Constantin

Operations, merchandise

Cosmin Ionescu

PR, web development

Ștefan Hadăr

Social media management