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Indie/Pop, Bucharest, RO

Who is Lucia?

Arguably Romania’s first Youtube sensation, Lucia had her breakthrough in 2012 with the single „Silence” – which brought her over 27 million views and legions of fans worldwide. Signed to leading independent label Global Records the same year, she went on to explore a modern indie-pop sound, carving a niche of her own and releasing her debut album „Silence” in 2015.

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Lucia’s anticipated second album, „Samsara”, released in 2018, establishes itself as a meditation on the nature of death and the cycles of rebirth, all seen from different perspectives. However, what could be a heavy motif for an indie / art-pop music album is approached in a way that is never obscure or heavy-handed.

What does she sound like?

Through her soft, fragile vocals, as well as her heartfelt lyrics, Lucia manage to convey universal questions and experiences, making „Samsara” a tremendously relatable journey.

If you add the tasteful arrangements to the mix, with lush piano melodies, elegant strings and daring electro beats, you get a most relevant contemporary pop release, worthy of sitting next to Birdy, Aurora or Regina Spektor on the shelves of music enthusiasts worldwide.

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Live, Lucia performs in a band format, with the bass guitar, drums, keys and occasional cello offering an expressive framework for interpreting her compositions. She already played local festivals such as Summer Well (2012), Untold (2018) and Electric Castle (2021), and has also opened for international acts such as Asaf Avidan (2016) and most recently Kimbra (2019).

Immerse yourself

Her new EP, “IMMERSIA”, is a pandemic baby, born as a result of the band’s need to reconnect with their audience through a release that would make people feel closer to them than ever.

Each song has its own sonic identity, with carefully crafted layers and a lot of heart poured into through Lucia’s vocals. “Simple”, the opener, is a quirky, bass-heavy tune, revolving around keyboards and a catchy verse section. “Who” is upbeat and electronica-infused, the closest to a “mainstream” synthpop sound but never straying too far from the alt-indie aesthetic of the whole. “Rogue” would work quite well on alternative radio, with a powerful, no-nonsense chorus and memorable lyrics.

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Of course, Lucia has been saving the best for last – the two final songs from the EP encapsulating a wistful glance to the past and a daring look forward. “Backseat” captivates through the interplay of keyboards and vocals recalling the raw quality of her debut “Silence”, while “All of the Worlds” is unapologetically experimental, with instruments playing sounds that they shouldn’t (an acoustic guitar used as a double bass, for example), pounding percussion work and glitched-out synth craziness.