Sebastian Marcovici – bass, vocals
Romulus Cipariu – cimbalom, vocals
Medve Sandor – trumpet
Valentin Oancea – drums


2017 – Haida: Fuga Lolelor, ep. 1 / EP



omino succeed in being a unique band thanks to the improbable sounds they combine – hammered dulcimer, distorted bass riffs and thunderous drums. Live on stage they are a force of nature, always surprising their audience with their infectious good mood and stellar musicianship. They draw a lot from alternative rock, but their main influence is Romanian folklore – most notably the fabled “doina”, a particular type of song.


iewed from the beginning as one of the most daring Romanian music projects in recent times, Domino had their live debut in January 2013 in Vienna representing their country at the International Tourism Fair. Since then, the band took part in numerous other sizeable festivals such as InTransylvania, Padina Fest, Peninsula Felsziget, TIFF, Focus Festival, Creative Fest, Colors of Cluj and many others.


n February 2017 they released their first studio record, the “Haida” EP, the first volume in the upcoming trilogy „Fuga lolelor”.