George Gâdei – vocals
Alexei Țurcan – guitar, keyboards
Misha Gâlcă – bass
Cristian Chirodea – drums


2005 – Corabia nebunilor / CD
2007 – Vreau să simt Praga / CD
2012 – OKEAN / CD



he band Travka formed in spring 2002 in Focșani, quickly rising in the underground circles of the time. A year later they gained national recognition through several TV features and by playing festivals in front of thousands of people. In the winter of 2004 recordings begin for what would become the band’s debut album, „Corabia nebunilor”, with a video being filmed for the eponymous track. However, in summer 2005 frontman George Gâdei suffers a traumatic car accident which puts the band’s plans on hold. After a few months of recovery, the band finally releases their debut album in December 2005 to raving reviews.


The band becomes a constant presence in the live club circuit as well as open air festivals, attracting legions of fans with their eccentric approach and their cryptic lyrics, quickly becoming a household name on the Romanian rock scene. Their second studio album, „Vreau să simt Praga”, is released in 2007 causing quite a stir in the media and among the fans, being the first Romanian music album freely available over the internet through a Creative Commons license. After a promo tour for the new album, the band announces its break-up in the summer of 2008, reuniting however two years later in the same line-up and signaling the imminence of a third studio record.

Travka brings a fresh sound, unique and personal, harsh but not aggressive, melodic but not overly sweet.

– Cronica Română


012 is the year when Travka release their third record – „OKEAN”. Available in only five pieces, each disc released in one of Romania’s big cities, the band relied on the fans to communicate with each other and share the discs among themselves. This is how OKEAN became the first “traveler album” in history, the five CDs being reunited, in December 2012, for a special event in Bucharest after passing through the hands of hundreds of fans country-wide. In the autumn of the same year, Travka would separate from bass player and founding member Mizdan.

Travka represents the Balkan musical soul, more precisely, its beautiful, quality aspects. We find here a melancholy particular to this geographical space, where for too long people have become used to just being unhappy. We find blind anger, aimed at nothing in particular, we find blue drunken nights with pouring wine, and, most of all, the loneliness and bitter smile of those who gave up on all expectations from people.

– Mihnea Blidariu, BestMusic


ravka will continue in the following years with a sparse concert activity – notable is the month of May 2014 when the band celebrates 12 years of activity at the Silver Church Club in Bucharest. With the occasion a brand new video is also released, for the song „Distanțe”.


he newest single from Travka, „În aer”, is released in the beginning of 2016, signalling the beginning of a new creative age for the band. The shows are also becoming more and more frequent, the band’s awareness peak of the year undoubtedly being the show at The Roman Arenas in Bucharest during Shine Festival in July. The end of 2016 finds the band experimenting with new sounds and approaches, re-arranging their songs for an extended, electro-unplugged setup including a violin and a cello, a project which would later be developed in the coming year.


n May 2017 Travka celebrated their 15-years anniversary with a special show at the National Theater in Bucharest, showcasing a celebratory set spanning their whole career and also a few glimpses into the future of the band.